We Were Born to Run: [In]stability and Velocity

Reading Time: 11 minutes As I expected an endless stream of tasks, one of the first things I needed as an engineering manager was to manage them. I needed to manage tasks and my team. As I was sprinting (pun intended) towards signing up to Jira, I halted my horses thinking to myself “you know how to use Jira, do you know why you use Jira?”. Historically speaking the answer is because until now I’ve always joined a company that already used Jira, so naturally I wanted to go with what I know.

Impermanent Continuous Chaos: Customer Experience and [In]stability

Reading Time: 11 minutes The boog’s first article, I don’t know, ended with the one one thing we knew for sure – the customer expectations. Not only that, Silo’s device design, patents and future marketing were all about the customer experience. I remember the first time we showcased the device, repeating again and again “Silo is the world’s smartest and easiest vacuum sealer – ever!”. There are other vacuum sealers in the market, but ours is the most user friendly that will ever be.

Not Company Values

Reading Time: 5 minutes “You are entirely correct but you’ve also horribly failed your task. You are way off track. These are not values”. Gal said after I showed him The Triangle, what would become the philosophical layer and guidelines of Silo’s architecture.

I Don’t Know: An Introduction

Reading Time: 7 minutes True story. one day at Silo, I came back from a meeting and I was just about to place myself back on my orthopaedic and comfortable chair and saw that someone or something literally and figuratively peed on Silo’s architecture, or at least it’s schematics, the ones we’ve been working long and hard on. After thorough investigation and a suspect lineup it turns out it was Daniel’s new dog, Dobie. You are probably wondering, why did the dog pee on our architecture? Was it that horrible and complex!? But for real, the first thing you have to ask yourself is…


Reading Time: 5 minutes What is this? It’s a book that is intended to be posted as a blog. Or maybe it’s a blog that is structured like a book. So I guess it’s a blok. Or maybe it’s a boog. I don’t know. We’ll see eventually what would come out of it. For real, since forever I’ve been writing articles. I’ve written a lot to the university’s paper (which for a year I was its Editor in Chief). I’ve written a lot of personal ones, a journal of sorts that may be published one day. I’ve written several blog posts and obviously, Facebook…