The Monk Who Sold his Server

This is an online book / blog about something {undefined} in software. Software has a lot more to it other than code. It’s about engineering, practice, culture, people, architecture, psychology, economics, product and project management and yes, even a lot of philosophy. As they are all intertwined in one another, this book/blog is all about them.

It currently consists of three parts (the third of I don’t know how many is in the works), or a total of 72 articles / chapters. Reading time ranges from 4 to 20 minutes each.

I hope you found this helpful, whatever you do.

To better understand what this book/blog is about, continue to read the Preface

Start reading Part I: The Unknown – The start of an abstract system design with architecture, management and philosophy

Start reading Part II: Feet in the Cloud – Architecture and development considerations when your infrastructure and applications and running the in the cloud.

Start reading Part III: The Change Factor – to learn of Wasteful Applicative Evolution, evolutionary processes that causes time waste and inefficiencies and on how to overcome them. We’d also be learning on how to handle The Inevitable, a framework for resolving problems, and only the beneficial ones. The conclusion, a series currently called Force of Change would suggest actions to take as a result of the inevitability of evolutionary processes (Started working on it Mid April 2022, expected to be published end of May 2022).

Start reading Part IV: Projection – to learn of project and product management as an inseparable part of the development process. The first series, The Wheel of Change, is a deep investigation of the change-feedback-change cycle and how it effects our day-to-day work. The second series The Wheel’s Feedback, is about the other source of fuel for the wheel. We’d be exploring the importance of feedback and feedback processes. External ones with our customers and internal ones between product and engineering. The third series Committed Planning is everything one needs to know about managing expectations, buffers, estimations and everything that’s in between. The fourth and final series The Winding Road is about Roadmaps, planning and executing short and long term ones.

[April 2022 update]

I’ve finished Part IV: Projection. It was an amazing journey to write it. Meanwhile, my visa to Thailand expired, so I had to move to Cambodia for about a month. From there, I’ll be writing the final series (maybe two final ones) of Part IV: The Change Factor.

I do have enough material for at least to two more parts. Part V would probably be named Assurance that would deal with Quality, Automation, Tests and Reliability. Part VI, yet unnamed, would revolve around hiring processes and development practices.

But I think I’m going to pause after I’m done with Part IV. I need to start preparing for job seeking and interviews. We’ll see. One step at a time.

Do notice that content is still and would always be under peer review.