Adapt to Change: Coding Surrounded by Impermanence

In this series we are going to give in to it and find a beneficial way to handle Change. Stopping Change is impossible and doing nothing about it is non-beneficial. It sounds like we are giving up to this Cause-Change cycle, which is a trait of our binary thinking minds. Instead, we’re going to focus on these Cause-Change cycles, and how they affect our applications. Through it, we will come up with methods to better design our applications, which will slow down some of the evolutionary processes.

Product of Change: Behavioral Applications

When we applied mutual exclusivity of Non-Technical Causes on our design we also made a mess. We indeed created a Direction per Product, but the Product Modules were unable to Change together at all as we do sometimes need. They were too independent, and were unable to reach all the way over to the Non-Technical Modules. In this chapter we’re going to resolve this mess, starting with finally understanding what Products are.