02 The Inevitable, 03 The Change Factor

Post Mortem: Eventually Done

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A few months ago I was sitting at Cafelix, my favorite coffee shop. One of the regulars there is an actual philosopher, unlike me who just plays with it. I told him about “The Monk who Sold his Server”, specifically about The Inevitable series. He knew nothing of software so I simplified the work to “I’m trying to explain eastern philosophy through a more western perspective and then apply it to software architecture and culture”. He was looking at me like I was crazy. I might be, because it is something extremely hard to do.

I started writing this series in November 2021, along and as a part of the Wasteful Applicative Evolution series. A few weeks into it, I saw that it should be split into two and that’s how The Inevitable series was born. It was on halt until I was finished with the previous one, so I went back to it only at the end of December 2021. I had to do some serious rewrites and editing. 

Along the way I decided to travel to Thailand for a few months, to settle somewhere so I can have more time and ease to write. Found myself in a piece of heaven called Koh Phangan, working out of a very nice and small apartment with a sea view, working out from the beach or from a coffee place. It was ready to be published at the beginning of February 2022.

My happiest moment was when I edited and rewrote the third chapter about Eventualism & Evolution. When I was done with it, I thought it might be an accumulation or summation of everything I’ve written in the last few months. But it was more than that – it was a nexus. Then and there I had the feeling of completion. That I may have managed to meet my entire writing’s goal of being beneficial. Maybe even managed to meet the goal of making sense!

I find it quite symbolic that I finished this Buddhist influenced writing in a Buddhist country. Maybe traveling here gave me the idea to put some more focus on ease. To tackle one of the root causes of everyday stress in an engineer’s work. So the series ended up being not only about software development per say, but about process, culture and with a touch of leadership.

I really hope these writings would help bring ease to all my colleagues, wherever you are, whoever you work for. Whether I know you or not. May you be at ease.

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